200 CLUB

The 200 Club is a form of private lottery raising funds for Folk Week. Subscribers buy numbered tickets which are entered into a regular draw, If you wish to join you pay a fixed subscription of £5 per month per number. When the tickets are drawn, a percentage of the profit is given as the prize, with the remainder going to Broadstairs Folk Week funds.


Photos by Andrew Pook

1. Folk Week retains 50% of the total income.


2. The remaining 50% to be given in prizes as follows:-


20% for the large annual prize (to be drawn in August).

12 monthly 1st prizes of 1.25%

12 monthly 2nd prizes of 0.75%

12 monthly 3rd prizes of 0.5%


As an example, with 200 members, this would give an annual prize of £2,400 and monthly prizes of £150, £90 and £60, with £6,000 being retained by Folk Week.


With 500 members, the prizes become £6,000, £375, £225 and £150 with £15,000 going to Folk Week.


If you would like to join the 200 Club please email


OR buy an annual subscription of £60 here and we will be in contact soon:


200 Club £60 Annual Subs

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Contact the fundraising committee by email